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So the blog begins 

I have no idea about writing a blog but I figured it would be a great place for me to write down my thoughts process for my business. What I'm working on and what ideas I'm working with.

So this week I'm working on making my mini dreamcatchers, these have always been good little sellers at craft fairs and markets as kids are really attracted to them and the concept behind them. .I'm thinking of making the colour range slightly smaller as this would mean I could make in bulk alot easier. Rather then having 15 different colours to do I could work on say 10 which would be easier for production. Only problem is I wouldn't know which ones to get rid of!

Another thing I've been working on is my chakra jewellery. I run out of stock on these items pretty quickly through etsy sales which is great! So I've been trying to get ahead and bulk make them so they can be ready to ship when the orders come in.

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