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what's next for LRJohnCrafts & product updates

I have been thinking a lot recently about products and what's next for LRJohnCrafts.

Currently I have made 60 Indian sari scrunchies! not the ones in the photo <

The sari scrunchies are full of pattern and colour! I'm hoping to get them photographed soon and share them with you all.

I also have a bunch of regular silk and velvet scrunchies ready to upload! These beautiful blue ones are velvet and come in a lot of different colours but are in limited stock!

We also have some really lovely hair ribbons currently being updated onto the site, these come in Indian sari fabric and are currently available in 3 colours but i'm hoping to grow this collection eventually!

Also a fun update about my wire headbands! I have been looking on the Intenet for some more interesting fabrics, I have found a range that I think will be perfect for my customers.

As you can tell I have been taking a turn and introducing a lot of hair accessories to the business! like all businesses we have to keep adapting and creating new interesting products for our customers. I love hair accessories which is why I have decided to go down this route. I hope you can all share in my enthusiasm and love the new products just as much as I do!

Update on my hair clips, I'm still waiting on delivery of the parts! they have been held up in the mass of parcels currently in the system. hopefully they get here very soon and I can get them back online and available for you.

I also have some other fun hair slides soon to arrive, these will be decorated with gemstone chips much like the current clips but in a whole new style of accessory.

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