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These gorgeous handmade scrunchies are the perfect accessory to dress up your pony tail or messy bun!

Made from a beautiful Indian sari fabric in lovely bright colours and patterns! The saris are sourced from a business who buy direct from India at a fair trade price which is super important to me and my business!

Scrunchies are like a flash from the past becoming popular again in recent years and completely taking over the hair accessories market. These beauties used to be very popular in the 90s and have a great vintage vibe to them which has come back around in current fashion trends, i'm totally here for it!

The colours and patterns in these scrunchies are absolutely gorgeous and not likely to be found anywhere else which makes them super special and unique

Comfortable while sleeping

No Breakage

No Damage

Minimized kinking

Comfy and Cute on the wrist

Blue and coral sari silk scrunchie

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