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Craft Workshop

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Craft Workshop

Create your own beautiful, unique wall hangings which are inspired by dreamcatchers . You choose the venue, and I’ll provide the rest!

£120 cost per party. (Up to 10 guests included in this price. Additional guests welcome, at £10 per person).

Get in touch: -



Themed frames also available on request!


Birthdays, hen parties, crafty afternoons with friends.

A Craft workshop can be the perfect activity for any occasion!

How it works:

An instructor will supply a wide variety of materials to choose from, including feathers, beads, lace and ribbons. As well as an expert tutorial, step-by-step instructions, and personalised advice and assistance.

Workshops can take place in a venue of your choice, including your own living room!

Book your workshop by getting in touch with me via:


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