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The Maker.


My name is Letasha and i am the Maker behind Scara Designs

I am a mother too 2 incredible little boys Frederick and Leo. 

i studied art and design in school and at York college. I have always loved creating things but up until I started my business I mainly did drawing and painting which is something I don't do much of these days. 

I started my business when i was 21. Back then i only had my eldest son Fred. i would put him to bed on and evening and i would start crafting. It all started with keyrings, feather keyrings with beads and tassels. I also made handmade journals. 

I took my creations into the shop Karma in Ripon.. At this time I actually lived in the flat directly above it. Karma was a newly opened shop in town and I fell in love with it immediately! I knew that if I was ever going to sell my handmade goods that it would need to be in this shop.

After weeks of being too nervous to take my things in and show the owner I finally found the courage and packed all my things into a wooden box, took a deep breath and walked straight up to the desk. I was so nervous but tried to keep my cool ( I failed lol). 

To this day you can still find a L.R.John section in that shop! 

After about 2 weeks of selling in the shop the idea of selling dreamcatchers came about. Liz the owner at Karma was looking into buying some and asked me if that was something i could make. I had only ever made 1 or 2 before but said I would give it a go. 

I started by making 2 dreamcatchers, These 2 sold the very same day they went into the shop. so it began! I soon realised that people were really interested in what i was making and there was a market for something different in my town. 

Now L.R.John crafts focus is mainly dreamcatchers and hair accessories

I now work mainly from home which is amazing! I get to spend the days with my family and once the kids go to bed I get to crafting! 

As a person I have always loved the odd things. The quirky bits and bobs most people would dismiss as 'junk' I find beauty in.

For me dreamcatchers fit so perfectly into my home and actually complete it! Almost every wall in my home has one!

my work space 

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