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you can buy either one or both of these awesome nightmare before Christmas inspired hair scrunchies! they make great gifts for fans of the film and also perfect accessories all year round! it doesn't need to be Halloween or Christmas as they are not festive in colour or theme

comfortable fabric

fits well on the wrist 

loops around the hair twice comfortably

These scrunchies are made to hold the hair in place all day or night with ease. scrunchies are great to keep the hair in place and cause minimal damage unlike regular hair ties or bobbles. scrunchies have been very popular in recent years as wearing them minimalizes kinks and marks in the hair after wearing.

These beauties also look great on the wrist when you dont need them but want to have one should the occasion arise. wether its windy or you would simply like your hair out of your face, they are a great option 

nightmare before christmas scrunchies

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