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🌙Do you love dreamcatchers? 
how about making your own with this beautiful dreamcatcher kit! 

🌙Follow the instructions provided to weave your way to a nightmare free sleep.

These beautiful kits are created one at a time by hand. the doilies and feathers are handcrafted especially for these kits making them unique and extra special!

These kits all come wrapped in beautiful paper and ribbon ready to be gifted!

🌙A great way to keep boredom away on a rainy day. Have a break from technology and be crafty!
🌙These are also great little gifts for children keeping them occupied and a lovely way to bond together.

🌙Each kit includes 
1 x metal hoop 
1 x thread
1 x needle 
3 x crochet feathers
1 x long ribbon bundle 
3-4x lace and ribbon bundles 
1 x instruction sheet
1x dreamcatcher info sheet
1x crochet doilie

Pink lace dreamcatcher DIY kit

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