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🌙Do you love dreamcatchers? 
how about making your own with this beautiful dreamcatcher kit! 

🌙Follow the instructions provided to weave your way to a nightmare free sleep.

🌙A great way to keep boredom away on a rainy day. Have a break from technology and be crafty!
🌙These are also great little gifts for children keeping them occupied and a lovely way to bond together. Don't leave children unsupervised with this kit as it contains small parts!

if you would like a custom colour choice that i don't have listed, i.e black and red or green and purple then please do send me a message and i will be more then happy to make one up for you! 

🌙Each kit includes 
1 x metal hoop 
1 x thread
8 x beads
1 x needle 
3 x feathers
1 x ribbon bundle 
3 metal jump rings 
1 x instruction sheet

i do also have a youtube tutorial for further help with these kits! my channel is Letasha John where you can find 2 different dreamcatcher tutorials and one is especially made for these kits 

please be aware- These kits are not toys and are not designed for children, please do not leave children unattended with these kits as they contain small parts!

Red dreamcatcher kit

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