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Let your hair do the talking! 

So I have been working on these new hair tie packs for a while now. I love the whole process of making these but mostly I love putting all the colours together to make these beautiful arrangements.

They now even have their own page on my website! Exciting times growing my product range.

These packages make brilliant stocking stuffers or secret Santa gifts! With so many different colours and patterns to choose from, there should be a perfect assortment for just about anyone!

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I adore your products. I have just found your you tube channel, on my partners you tube; is a prob for me as I seem unable to sort my own. Loving your you tube, loved, your jewellery, fabric, and beads haul. You are immensely clever. I love charity shopping for jewellery . will defo be investing in dream catcher kits, scrunchies. going to watch your tutorial first.

Happy crafting and continued success for your shop. Eileen


Hi there :) thank you so much 😊 so glad you are enjoying my YouTube content! Its a passion project for me for sure. I've been charity shopping today so should have a new video next week Thanks again :D

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